The Lakes 100 Map


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The lakes 100 is a circular journey uniquely tailored for you to get the most out of the Lake District and beyond, with boundless gems to discover along the way that will quench any thirsty adventurous soul.

Plan your itinerary and learn about beautiful places to see and visit along the route, from local museums, tiny churches built from Viking longships, mountain forts to emerald pools perfect for a wild swim, each place has in-depth informative information & descriptions to keep you entertained.

See below for detailed features on the map.

Highlighted main route, with added optional routes to further explore different places

  • The most scenic roads in the lakes are highlighted with information on each one
  • Mountains and many fells are named on the map for those who love a good mountain adventure.
  • The names of lakes, tarns and waterfalls
  • Cafe & pub icons showing areas along the route you can enjoy a hot coffee or a local ale
  • Campsite & youth hostel Icons around the route
  • Viewing Points
  • Parking areas, Public toilets, play parks, tourist information centres
  • Fuel stations, convenience stores
  • Mountain bike parks
  • Beaches & bird watching areas

And more for you to experience on the way. What will you discover?